New Covid Subvariant Eris Causing Rise In Cases

September 5, 2023

Covid cases are once again on the rise. The sub-variant EG.5 “Eris,” sharing a name with the Greek goddess of discord and strife, is the main culprit behind this surge in infections and hospitalizations. Eris is a sub-variant of the Omicron variant. While there is no data supporting the idea that EG.5 is more deadly than the other circulating strains, it is more contagious and spreading rapidly. Currently, the majority of Covid-19 cases are infected with the EG.5 sub-variant. The strain is not much different from the others in terms of symptoms. Unfortunately, EG.5 does have one mutation in its spike protein that allows it to enter the host cell of those who have acquired some immunity, including those who are vaccinated. Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax are all developing a new booster aimed at another Omicron (XBB 1.5)  sub-variant that is closely related to EG.5. Everyone should be taking precautions such as wearing masks, thoroughly washing hands, and staying home if they are unwell. It’s our societal responsibility to take care of those around us.

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